In the 1970s and 80s, Kenner’s Star Wars toys were distributed in The Netherlands by Clipper and Palitoy. Clipper, being a relatively small production company, used standard Kenner and Palitoy (UK release) items for store displays.
In addition to these standard displays (with Dutch printing on it instead of English), Clipper provided the shops with hand-customised figures and playsets for display / diorama purposes. This was done on a small scale and by special request only. Unfortunately, not much else is known about these, as very few have survived. The Clipper company went bust in the mid-1980s and what remains are the memories of some Dutch ’80s kids to tell the story.
If you happen to have any more information about these or similar items, please let us know! We’d love to learn some more.
These figures and display materials were obtained with a bunch of other vintage Clipper & Palitoy custom figures and shop displays. It’s a little treasure that had been hidden in an attic in Amsterdam for over 30 years.