Hello everyone! Have you been enjoying your summer as much as we have? We hope so!

It’s been a very special summer for us – two days ago we celebrated our 1-month wedding anniversary!! On the 4th of August we married in Sweden, in the garden of Fia’s parents. The weather was glorious, the guests were amazing, the party was fantastic – we could not have wished for a more perfect and love-filled day. Even BoonsArt was present, in the shape of our cake topper 😉


Props to Aliese Booth for putting the cake together, and to Kent Qvist for the photography!


So, what’s next for us? Well, we’ll be taking it easy for a little while longer, until the shop opens again in October. We’re working through a bunch of back-log, pulling our administration straight, doing a general clean-up, and enjoying some free time. One big change that is happening as we speak, is that last week we managed to get our hands on a new storage space for BoonsArt! We’ve moved from 35 cubic metres to a whopping 150 cubic metres!! Suddenly we have acres (well, that’s what it feels like) of space ready for expansion, which opens up a lot of exciting possibilities for us in the near future. Stay tuned.


From around 10 square metres….    to 50 square metres!


For now, we have another 3.5 weeks left before we re-open. We’ll continue prepping the shop, including processing a bunch of new stock (exciting :D), sneak off for a cheeky weekend to the UK, and on October 1st, we’ll open the metaphorical doors on eBay and we’ll be back in business.

Enjoy the rest of the month guys, see you in October!