More funky things coming your way!

We have three 5″ Star Wars rubber bootleg figures – they are the rarest of the rare and we love them.

Unfortunately, we don’t know that much about them. As far as we can tell, they were made by an unknown manufacturer in the Netherlands in early 1977. This was before the official SW merchandise in the USA had made it to production. You can tell they are non-official by their weird bulkiness… They look a bit like cookies that went in the oven and didn’t come out quite right. We can clearly see what they are meant to be, but something is definitely off about them. Apparently, they were modelled on early concept drawings, which is probably why they don’t quite resemble the characters we know. The Stormtrooper helmet doesn’t look great, and Vader is carrying a sword instead of a lightsaber! Also, presumably, bootleg manufacturing doesn’t help in making things look great.

You don’t come across these babies often, and if you do, they rarely have the O-ring still attached to their heads (Michelin Man-C3PO has lost his). These beauties are now available in our shop, and we continue the hunt for Chewbacca & R2D2 to make the set complete.