April was a busy month for BoonsArt. We had a lot of stock to sort and reorganise, and we’re still working on our own BoonsArt webshop (see previous post). Progress is slow, but happening. All to make shopping here a(n even) better experience. But so much for starting the second quarter of 2018 a bit more calmly than the first…
Luckily, work can be fun sometimes too :). One of our favourite days of the year is definitely April 27th, the Dutch “King’s Day.” To celebrate the monarch’s birthday, we all get a day off (unless you run your own business of course…), and the country turns into a giant flea market. Half the population sets up stalls in designated parts of town to sell their old junk, and the other half saunters around buying said junk. As they say, the early bird gets the worm, so if you want the good stuff you need to get up early. Our alarm went off at 06:00, and we spent many hours bargain hunting.
May we present this year’s haul:
We’ll process and list these new goodies over the coming weeks. See you in the shop!