Hello everyone!

You haven’t heard from us in a while – we’re sorry! It’s been a busy first quarter, which is great for the business, but perhaps a little bit less great if we’re trying to also have a life outside out BoonsArt… Therefore, as you may have noticed, the shop is currently closed and will be for roughly another two weeks. We needed some time to work on our backlog and take a (well-deserved, I think) break.


We also have exciting stuff brewing! Together with our IT guy we’re in the process of building our own webshop. Here, on boonsart.com! Well, I say “together”; he’s doing all the work ;). The shop on eBay will continue to exist, and in addition we’ll have an online shop here as well. These two will be completely synced with each other, so you can use either one to buy your vintage toys and collectibles. Good news for our Dutch customers, we’ll also be incorporating the payment method iDeal, for those who prefer that to PayPal.

For now it’s under construction, you’ll hear more from us when it’s ready 😀


BoonsArt on eBay will open again on Thurday 12 April, until then, happy Easter everyone!