As some of you may already know, @ebay has recently shoved some new updates down our throats, mainly their new payment system. I’m sure BoonsArt is not the only seller who is feeling the effects 🤬

Firstly, we can no longer make partial refunds to buyers. Coupled with the fact that the “add to cart” feature (and therefore the possibility to combine shipping costs) on the eBay app doesn’t work, this makes for a very customer-unfriendly and seller-frustrating experience.

Secondly, eBay has increased the cut they take on our sales, including on the shipping costs (why??). So to avoid losing money on each shipment, we have had to raise our shipping fees, making it more expensive and therefore less attractive for customers to shop with us.

Thirdly, and most disastrous, our items (which we list on are no longer visible on the big eBay sites such as .com,, and .ca!! This of course makes it much harder for our lovely potential customers to find us.

So please, international users, try one of the European sites (,,, etc.) and you will find our merch there! Also, if buying more than one item, try doing it from your laptop or desktop computer as the mobile app doesn’t work properly! Still having trouble? Don’t hesitate to contact us either via eBay or our socials. 😘

Since the implementation of the new update we have seen our sales plummet. After much swearing and increasingly angry & despairing emails to eBay’s “customer service,” we realised that it is time to leave this sinking ship, and we put our thinking caps on. Together with the hard work from @reznikaudio & @robingeerlingsdesign we are doing our utmost to get the brand new BoonsArt webshop up and running as soon as possible 🥳 There are of course some kinks that need ironing out but we are confident it will be worth the wait!

Keep an eye on our social media accounts for more info, and spread the word to others. Thanks for your support! ❤️