Hello everyone!
This is a heads-up to let you know that we are closing the BoonsArt shop on Monday 20th April. This is NOT because of the covid-19 pandemic, but for a much more joyous reason… We are expecting our first child in May! Before the little one comes along, we need some time to tidy up everything work-related, and after the birth we suspect we’ll be busy with other things 😉 As for your orders, anything bought and paid for within the appropriate time will of course be shipped out to you within ten working days of payment received. Unfortunately, delivery delays are to be expected due to corona-related restrictions and lockdowns. Please keep an eye on your tracking.

We expect to open up shop again around July, depending on how things develop – we will of course keep you guys informed about any updates.

But, for the next week, happy shopping!
Stay safe and take care of each other!

Kind regards,
Tsjerk & Sofia (In the meantime, Rawlf and Albus are quality-testing all the baby stuff)